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Computer slow? Longstone IT can help.

Heath Check Is your computer computer running slow?

Taking a while to startup when you turn it on or popping up errors and messages all the time that you don’t understand? We can take all the hassle and worry away for you as we offer a health check service here at Longstone IT.

For just £35+VAT you could have your computer running quicker and faster and performing more reliably. We have had customers remark on how their PC or laptop is now running faster than when they first bought it.

Our health checks include the following:

  • Clean temporary files
  • Remove un-needed items from startup
  • Uninstall any un-needed software
  • Run any Windows Updates needed
  • Check for general errors
  • Tune windows desktop settings
  • Advise on any upgrades or extra services
  • Install Anti Virus software if needed
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Apple Mac Health Checks

Is your Apple Mac running slow?

We can clean up and speed up your Apple Mac, and where necessary recommend inexpensive upgrades to get the most out of your Apple Computer.