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Longstone IT supply all types of Computers, Laptops and IT Equipment.

Need a new Computer or Laptop STOP! Don’t buy the wrong one!Trust the computing professionals!

Computer & laptop sales

If it turns out that a new laptop or desktop PC is the best way forward for you then we’ll find out what you need and what you want. Then we’ll find the right PC for you & ensure you get the right machine.

New PCs these days come with lots of software installed already which you don’t need and which can often cause problems or slow the machine down. Order a new PC through us and it doesn’t come with any of this, only the software you need will be installed. This will help your PC to perform the way you need it to for longer.

We offer competitive pricing and servicing for Dell’s vast portfolio of notebooks, desktop, and servers. Plus, with access to Dells product specialists we can make sure that your technology investment works now and for the future. Don’t waste your money on fancy technology specifications you don’t need, let us help you save.

Custom build Desktop PCs

Should an off the shelf PC not fit your needs we can supply you with a custom built PC. This will be built by us specific to your needs. The advantages of this are highlighted below.

  • Desktop PC set up and ready to go with all the software you need and nothing else – Including antivirus, office and backup software if needed
  • Warranty for parts is with us, a local company providing a good local service (no foreign call centres)
  • Makes supporting the PC in the future easier for us and you

We realise there is a lot of choice regarding software and hardware these days and will advise you on the best value hardware and software available for your needs. It’s not about the products we can sell, it’s about the service we can provide.

Computer Sales As a business you need to be making sure you get the right balance between quality and price when it comes to buying computer hardware.

At Longstone IT we have spent time building excellent relationships with suppliers to make sure we can meet that balance for you.

Many of our items can be in stock or delivered to you next day and we do keep a small stock level ourselves. We are also constantly checking our prices against the other major online retailers to make sure our prices are still competitive to you making it worth while you buying from us.

As with everything we provide, buying from us means you are buying from a local company and you get the high level of customer service we provide when it comes to returns and advise.

New PCs & Laptops

Buying a new PC from us means you get a new PC built to the exact specification you need without all the annoying software and packages as you would with most new PCs. This also means we can handle all of your warranty and support so that should a part need replacing or fixing we can do so a lot quicker and easier for you with minimum impact to your business getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

When we provide laptops to our customers we remove all the un-needed software and startup items making sure your laptop is ready to perform as quickly and reliably as possible. Should you need, we will also make sure there is up to date virus software and an office product installed so that you can begin using the PC straight away.

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