Fake Microsoft Caller Scam

We’ve had at least two clients call us in the last few days saying they’ve had a cold call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft support.

The cold caller claims that they have something wrong with their PC and want to connect their computer to resolve the problems.

Generally all that happens at this point is the cold caller installs fake software on the PC that steals data, reports fake issues and causes more problems than it cures. They then try and talk you into an annual maintenance contract and try to persuade you to hand over your credit card details.

This scam seems to have been going for quite sometime now and the scammers are generally relying on your Fear Uncertainty or Doubt to gain access to your computer. If you do get a call of this sort the advice has to be to to end the call as soon as possible and if you are worried about the security on your PC have it checked out by a reputable professional locally.

Microsoft or any other reputable IT company will ever cold call you trying to gain access to you computer in this way.

More information can be found by searching Google.

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