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Kingsbridge to get Fibre Broadband in 2014!

Well I was checking the BT OpenReach FTTC checker last night, looking to see if Fibre was available to a client. For giggles I put in a Kingbridge post code to the checker and was shocked and surprised to see that the Exchange' status had changed to CS (coming soon). According to the BT site Kingsbridge should be available by the end of March 2014. Although I'd fall of my chair if it happened that soon....

Cryptolocker, the possibly the nastiest virus ever.

During the past couple months, ransomware known as CryptoLocker has made its presence known in homes and businesses around the world. While ransomware is not a new concept, the pervasiveness of CryptoLocker, combined with its strong encryption, make it a particularly nefarious, nasty and destructive ongoing threat. CryptoLocker is a version of ransom malware that spreads via phishing emails containing infected attachments. Once the attachment is opened an executable file infects the machine and holds it to ransom by encrypting files, which won’t be unencrypted until a cash demand is paid. Typically, the user receives an email that purports to be from a well-respected government body, or well known brands, and claims to be related to a customer support issue, explained AVG’s chief technology officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak. More recently, the virus is reportedly spreading via the well-known ZeuS...

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